Civil Construction Drawings

Brewer Engineering utilizes the latest computer aided design programs to prepare civil engineering site development plans required to secure the necessary permits to develop your project. Brewer Engineering continually reviews its construction drawing process and content to ensure that our documents are will be promptly reviewed and approved by applicable state, county, and city review agencies, while at the same time providing clear and complete construction information for the contractors building the project.

  • Typical Drawings
  • Overall Site Plans
  • Site Plans
  • Demolition Plans
  • Grading and Drainage Plans
  • Erosion Control Plans
  • Utility Plans
  • Driveway Entrance Plans
  • Sanitary Sewer Plan and Profiles
  • On-site Septic System Plans
  • Storm Sewer Profiles
  • Stormwater / Water Quality Plans and Details
  • Site Construction Details
  • Zoning / Rezoning Plans
  • Zoning Variance Plans
Property Analysis

Site Planning

Construction Drawings

Floodplain Modeling
Project Permitting

Construction Administration Assistance

Stormwater Management Design